What is a translation warranty?

In the framework of a translation warranty, Zavod Prevajalnica guarantees that the content of your translation is accurate, i.e. that the meaning of the entire text was translated properly. In other words, it guarantees that the translation carries the full and correct message of the original.

What precisely does a translation warranty comprise?

The purpose of the warranty is to additionally secure the client against any severe content-related mistakes in the translation. Severe content-related mistakes are mistakes in translation that alter the meaning of the text in comparison with the source text, producing the opposite meaning in the translation. Another such mistake would involve omitting/incorrectly transmitting information that holds the key to understanding the text. The translation might be incompatible with the original content and meaning, or could result in misunderstanding or inadequate understanding of the original meaning, which could then lead to harmful consequences for the client or end users of the translation. If a client discovers and can clearly prove that severe content-related mistakes had been made in a translation, the author of the translation shall either grant them a 70% discount or refund 70% of the amount paid.

Does this mean I can recover 70% of my money if I discover a wrongly placed comma?

Of course not. In a line of work such as translation, minor mistakes can occur easily despite the greatest possible care. Severe content-related mistakes do not include typos, grammatical or spelling mistakes, stylistic corrections, inadvertent omissions of words or parts of the text that are not of key importance for the understanding/meaning of the text, any form-related inconsistencies between the source text and the translation, the existence of a subjectively/objectively superior translation solution, or any change of the source text for the purpose of adapting the translation to better reflect the cultural, linguistic and other characteristics of the translation language.

Why it is advisable to take the warranty?

Our warranty is usually offered to clients who need translations of highly important documents and documents for public use, and clients who are especially sensitive as regards translation quality or had a negative experience with translations in the past. Although we realise that a warranty cannot make up for any damage, either material or to the company’s reputation, and that it does not ensure 100% content accuracy of the translation, it nevertheless provides a certain level of safety and financial compensation to the client.

Does this mean that translations without the warranty are not good? What is the difference?

Not at all. We are certain that all our translations are excellent. However, translation is a highly specific type of work and susceptible to mistakes. Despite having gone over their translation numerous times, a translator may simply fail to notice a mistake. For translations with a warranty, we therefore have another translator check the content accuracy of the translation by comparing it with the source text. This involves checking only whether the translation is accurate; since each translator has their own style, two translators can produce two very different translations of the same text. An ordinary translation and translation with a warranty therefore differ in the level of service and the price, both of which can be attributed to the additional review by another translator.